Monday, March 16, 2009

Water Coloring Technique #1

The best results will come from using a good heavy cardstock such as Stampin' Up!'s Watercolor 40 lb. paper, a black Stazon pad, and an AquaPainter or a good watercolor brush.

In this tutorial, we'll be using SU! classic stamp pads.
The colors I used on this demonstration are:
Barely Banana
Summer Sun
Certainly Celery
Orchid Opulence
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Chip
Bashful Blue

Stamp image using Stazon black for the best watercolor results. I use this ink because it doesn't bleed when watercoloring.

Completely brush entire surface with plain water.

Tightly squeeze "close" a stamp pad until ink appears on the inside of the lid.
Add a small pool of water and dilute ink to a very light color, and fill brush.

Gently touch brush around outside edges of card and it will "bleed" into the center.
Let dry completely! (this is important)

You may heat your image using a heatgun to speed the process.

Dilute the colors with lots of water and start with the lightest sections first.

Work on different spots of your image that aren't touching so none of the paint bleeds into each other section.

You must decide where the light source is coming from in order to create shading.
Remember to let dry completely between steps.

Apply plain water to the section of the image that you want to paint. Then, add your color working from the outside edge in. I usually just touch the outside edge of the section I'm working on, and the paint flows inward.

My light source is coming from the very front, so, again, I am working from the outside edges in so the lightest spot would be directly in the center of my image.

Always remember to leave white space. This is what gives it the appearance of light shinning on your object.

Once image is dry, you can begin to start layering your colors, diluting them less and less.

Make sure you allow some of the lighter layers to show through.
Don't cover them up with the darker layers.

Applying more darker colors and layers as you go.
The final step is to apply color in full strength and highlighting only the edges.

Don't worry about some "mishaps" of going out of the lines, it just gives it more character.

You can click on any of the pictures for an enlarged view.

Finished picture.

Most importantly have fun!
And just keep practicing!